Writing a book is like climbing a mountain — exhilarating and demanding. Sometimes it's a long, hard climb, but the results are worth the effort. If you've almost reached the summit, now's the time to present your work in the best possible light. Professional copyediting can cap your creation.



The art of detailing

copy editing as detailing.

Detailing is when a car is cleaned, buffed and shined, making the most of every feature to achieve show-quality presentation. As a copy editor, I offer a similar kind of attention and care for your manuscript, creating a consistent style and polishing grammar, syntax and punctuation. Is your work ready to roll? Let an expert provide the finishing touch.


Need a helping hand?

Can't see the forest for the trees?

Sometimes, as a work nears completion, the writer has become so immersed in the process that it’s difficult to see the results clearly. This is where an experienced editor can provide invaluable feedback on how the book works as a whole and where it might be smoothed or rebalanced. As well as copyediting, I can offer a structural and holistic review of your work.


If you’re planning to submit your book to an agent or publisher, or having your work brought out by a small, independent press that doesn’t offer in-house copyediting, or even preparing to publish your work yourself, now’s the time to give it a final overall polishing before it goes out to meet the world. Let’s talk about your project and how I can help.