“I write to extol Linda Healey's editorial acumen and judgment. She is a friend and sometime co-conspirator, yes. She is also simply one of the sharpest and shrewdest editors I've known in my longish career in book publishing. When I needed a set of critical eyes to go over a translation I had attempted of a short play from French about Dorothy Parker, my instinct was to ask her for help. My instinct was richly rewarded. She found all the weak spots, the faux amis, the limply stated, the colorless, and the second-rate, and offered fixes and mots justes. She combines a copyeditor's rigor with a writer's imaginative range. The result was not only a better translation but – in my view –a better play. If you are looking for a freelance editor, copyeditor, book-idea developer, and general adviser on literary and practical matters, you need look no further.”

Tim Bent, executive editor in trade, Oxford University Press, New York
“This is the editor writers dream of – one who pays attention not just to grammar and vocabulary but also to logic, the music of a sentence, and the inherent structure of a work. Combining a poet's feel for language with an editor's discerning eye, Linda pays as much attention to detail as to the big picture – and understands how the two fit together. Her observations are astute, considerate and on-the-nail. She is the sort of editor every writer would love to have before their work heads into the outside world; there is no text that would not be better for having been through her hands.”
Caroline Brothers, author of “Hinterland” (Bloomsbury, 2012) and “The Memory Stones” (Bloomsbury, 2016)

Linda Healey was a careful, confident reader who gave me a clear view of how my novel worked. She made me aware of obscurities, imprecisions, repetitions, contradictions and incongruities. As to language, she often suggested simpler, more effective or more idiomatic expressions. When I doubted or disagreed, she didn’t try to impose her choices but was always open to discussion. With her, the editing process was not only crucial; it was enlightening, and it was fun.

Marie Houzelle, author of “Tita” (Summertime Publications, 2014)


“I am a Maltese writer writing in English, as a result my grammar as well as my flow suffer. Linda has been an instrumental element in my project. She assisted me from the early stages of the book, offering encouragement and hands-on copyediting once the manuscript was ready. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!”

Maria Bonnici, chef and owner of La Bête Noire in Paris and author of “Black Sheep Eat Eggs for Breakfast” (seeking publication)

“Yes, Linda Healey 'helps others communicate their message.' She dug into my first novel draft and found its core – and advised me on bringing forward what lay hidden or obscured, by paring away the overgrowth of too many characters and by better characterizing the protagonist and others central to my story. Linda immersed herself in the tale, not only via the words I had written but by reading deeply in sources I recommended to her. She helped me deepen the story and ensure that its (perhaps fictional!) antecedents were used correctly. She also encouraged me to 'go there' in terms of humor and a mixture of styles, and to include details and follow trails that I had thought were over the top. But no! Also, I learned from Linda that the voice I had developed for the narrative and main characters was a good one, distinctive and sure-footed. I had not imagined that an editor could so fully help and support me, on these big and small issues! Linda Healey is the editor for me.” 
Hilary Lambert, water protection NGO director in New York State and author of “Ten Thousand Secrets National Park” (seeking publication)
“What I love most about working with Linda are our conversations. I could tell you about how brilliant her technical work is and her rare balance between paying attention to detail while also working efficiently to tight deadlines. These things are also true, but Linda is someone who truly cares, who is passionate about what she does and who really takes the time to absorb the work you're doing. She gives me feedback that really gets to the heart of what I'm trying to say. To me, these last points are the most important.” 
Meagan Adele Lopez, author of “Three Questions: Because a Quarter-Life Crisis Needs Answers” (CreateSpace, 2011)